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Full Tutorial: Steps To Insert mobile Adsense At The Bottom of Smf Wap2 for mobile Users

How To Insert mobile Adsense Before Smf Wap2 Footer for mobile Users.
This tutorial will help you display mobile adsense on you smf wap2 mobile friendly template, To get started, you will need to install the SMF WAP2 1.5 mod. Note this will need to be manually install in all current version of smf, from smf 2.0.3 upward. this is due to the fact that the mod is yet to be updated.
Once that has been install successful, please make a back up of your wap2 template file, because we will be working on this file. This can be located at public_html/Themes/default/wireless.template.php, Secondly save your mobile google adsense code in a note pad with the extension .php, for example myads.php then upload it to your root server.
Once you have done that, Locate this code below code in your wireless.template.php, this can be located at public_html/Themes/default/wireless.template.php
Find the code
Code: [Select]
', $txt['footer'], '

Replace it with this Code: [Select]
echo' include_once('./myads.php')
', $txt['footer'], '

Source: How To Insert mobile Adsense At The Bottom of Smf Wap2 for mobile Users
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