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Why does Nextwapblog Not Display Images?. Read How To Solve It

Nextwapblog is a new developing mobile Wapblog builder. So maybe it may have some main issues or bugs. One of which is that it won't display images using park domain link.
For example, my friend blog is http://suka.generasi.net and domain park on it is http://www.indoblogger.cf . It has an image file saved named "polwan.jpeg"
So, what should we do to display the image?
Nextwapblog give us two options:
1. First option, you can use this link format: http://fm.nextwapblog.com/files/(site id)/(yourimage.jpeg)
You should know your site id. In this case, my friend's site id is 6560.
So it would be

The result:

2. The second option, you can use this format http://yournextwapblogdomain/files/yourimage.jpeg
Note, it should be your Nextwapblog domain, not the park one.
So it would be
The result:
3. This third option, unfortunately, does not work: http://yourparkdomain/files/yourimage.jpeg
Example: http://www.indoblogger.cf/files/polwan.jpeg
So it would be
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